LIVING WITH HOPE is an organization dedicated to providing resources and training people with disabilities in Africa. This will empower them to reach their highest God-given potential. 


It’s true that your deepest passion comes from your deepest pain. My deepest pain and suffering has given me the passion to go back to Africa and serve people affected by disability. These people are so desperately in need of hope. Approximately, 80 million people live with disabilities in Africa, 10% of the population but possibly as high as 20% in the poorer regions.  People with disabilities are usually excluded from schools, opportunities to work and even the community. This means that they live their lives as the poorest of the poor. They face social stigma, discrimination and even death because they are considered to be of no value or a curse to the community. In most cases, the family of a disabled child will try to hide him or her away from the community.  It is my prayer that God will use me to help these people. LIVING WITH HOPE Ministry will work with people with disabilities in Kenya and the rest of Africa. This mission will focus on wheelchair distribution and educating families and communities to care for and to include people with disabilities as an important part of society. 


To work with local churches, communities and schools, helping them to view people with disabilities as an integral part of society. 


To advocate and challenge these communities to give people with disabilities love and opportunities so that they are not excluded or forgotten but can contribute to the society. 

To share the message of HOPE so that people affected by disabilities can know that they are created in the image of God and can experience the fullness of life in Christ. 


Provide wheelchairs and educational resources   

Our goal is to reach and train African people with disabilities to have skills that will help them achieve their highest God-given potential. And more importantly, connect them to be a part of the Body of Christ.   LIVING WITH HOPE ministry will collaborate with other international disability ministries.  This collaborative effort will empower and strengthen people with disabilities to change their present culture.  We will work to ensure that children with disabilities gets the tools they need to achieve their God given potential. This can be done through wheelchair distribution and the provision of educational resources. We will also work with their families, local churches, schools and local organizations to start a range of services that will improve their lives. Changing the attitude towards people with disabilities will drastically improve their lives. When these people are loved, valued and included in the church and community they will be able to live full and meaningful lives as God intended. 

It is my prayer that you will consider joining me in this journey; to bring HOPE and Purpose to those who have been unloved and neglected for too long.  


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 "It is my prayer that you will consider joining me in this journey to bring HOPE and Purpose to those who have been unloved and neglected for too long." - Michael Panther