Our Leadership

Our Leadership

“It is true that your deepest passion comes from your deepest pain. My deepest pain and suffering has given me the passion to go back to Africa and work with people affected by disability.” – Michael Panther


Michael is from the war-torn young nation of South Sudan, Africa. Illness and war experiences left him in a wheelchair. In most parts of Africa, people with disabilities are usually excluded from schools, work opportunities and even the community because they are considered to be of no value in the society.

This was now his life…a life with no hope and purpose. But God had a beautiful plan and purpose for Michael.

A missionary doctor, Dr. Tim Mead, who saved Michael’s life through multiple surgeries, saw Michael’s life as a true miracle and decided to take him to school and later included him to be a part of his family. AMAZING!!

Michael went to his first official schooling in 2007 and graduated from High School in 2012 in Kenya. In the same year, Michael moved to the U.S, where he attended Louisiana State University and pursued his degree in Economics. Michael was very personable and it didn’t take him long before he acclimated to the school and culture.