LIVING WITH HOPE is an organization dedicated to providing resources and training people with disabilities in Africa. This will empower them to reach their highest God-given potential.

Our goal

Our goal is to reach and train African people with disabilities to have skills that will help them achieve their highest God-given potential. And more importantly, connect them to be a part of the Body of Christ.


LIVING WITH HOPE ministry will collaborate with other international disability ministries.  This collaborative effort will empower and strengthen people with disabilities to change their present culture.  We will work to ensure that children with disabilities gets the tools they need to achieve their God given potential. This can be done through wheelchair distribution and the provision of educational resources.

Changing the attitude

We will also work with their families, local churches, schools and local organizations to start a range of services that will improve their lives. Changing the attitude towards people with disabilities will drastically improve their lives. When these people are loved, valued and included in the church and community they will be able to live full and meaningful lives as God intended.


It is my prayer that you will consider joining me in this journey; to bring HOPE and Purpose to those who have been unloved and neglected for too long.

Vision - Living With Hope