Hope Mobility Kenya

Hope Mobility Kenya is an affiliate of Living with Hope (also known as Hope Mobility International)

A Mission of Sharing Hope

HOPE MOBILITY KENYA is a mission is to share hope through the provision of appropriate Mobility Devices and Training to Persons With Disabilities in Kenya and across Africa.

This will empower them to reach their highest God-given potential.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of mobility devices, including different types of wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and others, suited for different kinds of needs.

Our provision of wheelchairs and other mobility devices is subject to the WHO 8 - step process that ensures that each mobility device is suited to the specific user, is safe and does not cause harm.

We have highly trained professional staff who are experienced in Assistive Technology provision. We train Pastors and ministers of the gospel on how to incorporate Persons Living With Disabilities in their ministries and ensure they receive God’s word effectively.

Our Location

Unit 1, Kenbelt Business Park, Old Mombasa Road,
P.O. Box 26686- 00100, Nairobi.

Tel: (+254) 795 595 578 • 737 011 160

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To empower Persons With Physical Disabilities & their communities to live a productive, independent and dignified life.


To be Africa’s leading organization in providing & fittng appropriate mobility devices in line with International Standards, sharing God’s hope, promoting awareness, acceptance and inclusion.

Core Values


Share the Gospel of truth together with the Church and communities, helping them to view Persons With Disabilities as an integral part of society.

Hope & Faith

Give the message of HOPE and FAITH so that persons affected by disabilities can experience the fullness of life in Christ.

Hope Mobility Kenya

Positive Attitude

Impart the community and Church with knowledge about physical disabilities to change their perception & encourage a positive approach towards them.

Valuing Life

Persons With Disabilities are created in God’s image and likeness and should be valued just like others.


Collaborate with other like-minded organizations to empower and strengthen Persons With Disabilities to improve their present lives and culture.

Our Staff

Jack Muthui Executive Director

Jack Muthui

Executive Director
Ambrose Muhia Wheelchair Technician

Ambrose Muhia

Wheelchair Technician
Brian Ouko Spiritual Associate

Brian Ouko

Spiritual Associate
James Kibe

James Kibe

Wheelchair Technician
Julia Njoroge Accountant

Julia Njoroge

Naomy Jerop- Occupational Therapist

Naomy Jerop

Occupational Therapist
Marygoretti Kilonzo-Project Manager, Physical Therapist

Marygoretti Kilonzo

Project Manager, Physical Therapist

Meet Our Founder

Michael Panther

Michael Panther is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Living With Hope (also known as Hope Mobility International) represented by Hope Mobility in Kenya. Living With Hope partners with international organizations to provide mobility devices to Persons Living with Disabilities, train and equip indigenous pastors and leaders to reach those with disabilities in their communities and offer the gospel of hope through Jesus to all it serves.


Ready to Provide Hope?

Help us bring HOPE and Purpose to those who have been unloved and neglected for too long.