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Dedicated to providing resources and training people with disabilities in Africa

Wheels for Africa

“My deepest pain and suffering has given me the passion to go back to Africa and work with people affected by disability.” – Michael Panther

Wheels for Africa is a program that Provide a life changing mobility to people with disabilities in Africa.

In Africa, about 85 million people live with disabilities, and it is estimated that about 35 million people require wheelchairs do not have access to them due to financial barriers because they are the poorest of the poor. Due to lack of mobility, people with disabilities faced exclusion from schools, workplaces and even from their own communities. A gift of a wheelchair brings new life and hope to them. They do not have to crawl anymore and instead give them dignity and opportunities to go to school and work. You can help lift a person with disability out of the dirt by donating a wheelchair, going on our outreaches to Africa, or giving so we can purchase pediatric wheelchairs and ship wheelchair containers.

The cost of pediatric Wheelchair is $275.00

Shipment of a wheelchair container is $12,000

Wheels for Africa
Disability Training

Disability Training

Disability training focuses on training and equipping pastors and local leaders to better care for people with disabilities within their local churches and communities.

People with disabilities are usually excluded from the society and faced social stigma, discrimination and even death because they are considered to be of no value or a curse to the community. Living With Hope is working to change the attitude towards people with disabilities which drastically improve their lives. When these people are loved, valued and included in the church and community they will be able to live full and meaningful lives as God intended.

Our training focuses on identifying and removing barriers that impact people with disabilities. And help the pastors to develop a church culture that sees all people as indispensable parts of the Body of Christ, created in the image of God, and worthy of dignity and respect.

Great Banquet

Great Banquet is a special feast that our team hosts during our Wheelchair distribution.

This special party is inspired by the story of the Great Banquet in the Bible. In Luke 14:13-14, Jesus said, “But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed.” Our team normally take a day off to go to a school for kids with disabilities and throw them this unique banquet. We honor the kids with delicious feast, music, dancing and give them small gifts.

It is always an experience that the kids will never forget.


Education And Medical Sponsorships

Living With Hope has started this program due to a very overwhelming amount of need that kids with disabilities are facing.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately, 80 million people live with disabilities in Africa, 10% of the population but possibly as high as 20% in the poorer regions. This means that they live their lives as the poorest of the poor and can not afford medical treatment for correctable disabilities.

And also cannot afford to go to school. The lack of education has a huge economic impact on family, community and country as a whole. Due to this financial challenge, Living With Hope is raising some funds to help “the least of these” so they can become important part of the society.

You generous support will help change lives of many kids.

Do you have any mobility device not in use?

You could give a life-changing experience for someone with disability in Africa

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