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Meet Our Founder

Michael Panther–living With Hope

Michael Panther is the founder of Living With Hope. An organization dedicated to sharing Hope and Mobility to those with disabilities in Africa. Michael is from the war-torn young nation of South Sudan, Africa. Illness and war experiences left him in a wheelchair. In most parts of Africa, people with disabilities are usually excluded from schools, work opportunities and even the community because they are considered to be of no value in the society. This was now his life… a life with no hope and purpose. But God had a beautiful plan and purpose for Michael.

Race for Mobility Team
Living with Hope Race for Mobility 2023

Race for Mobility

Help us reach our goal!

Living With Hope's 2024 Race for Mobility Team will be participating in race distances including a 5k, half marathon, 20 mile, full marathon, and triathlons. We would love for you to be a part!

The team is committed to raising funds to bring hope and mobility to so many people with disabilities in dire need. Please click on a link below to join the team or make a donation!

Ready to Provide Hope?

Help us bring HOPE and Purpose to those who have been unloved and neglected for too long.