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Wheels for Africa is a program that Provide a life changing mobility to people with…


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Disability training is a program of Living With Hope that is focusing in training and equipping…


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Great Banquet is a special feast that our team hosts during our Wheelchair distribution.


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LWH has started this program due to a very overwhelming…


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Do you have any mobility device not in use? Wheels for Africa is looking for…


Help us bring Mobility to Africa!

Wheels for Africa is a program that Provide a life changing mobility to people with disabilities in Africa.

In Africa, about 85 million people live with disabilities, and it is estimated that about 35 million people require wheelchairs do not have access to them due to financial barriers because they are the poorest of the poor. Due to lack of mobility, people with disabilities faced exclusion from schools, workplaces and even from their own communities. A gift of a wheelchair brings new life and hope to them.

A cost of pediatric Wheelchair is $275.00 / Shipment of a wheelchair container is $12,000.00
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  Featured Video
Michael Panther – Living With Hope

Michael Panther is the founder of Living With Hope. An organisation dedicated to sharing Hope and Mobility to those with disabilities in Africa. Michael is from the war-torn young nation of South Sudan, Africa. Illness and war experiences left him in a wheelchair. In most parts of Africa, people with disabilities are usually excluded from schools, work opportunities and even the community because they are considered to be of no value in the society. This was now his life… a life with no hope and purpose. But God had a beautiful plan and purpose for Michael.

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“It is true that your deepest passion comes from your deepest pain. My deepest pain and suffering has given me the passion to go back to Africa and work with people affected by disability.” Michael Panther
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Living with hope need your help to reach our goal of $12,000. Help make a donation today!
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LIVING WITH HOPE is a nonprofit organization with 501(C)(3). All donations are tax-exempt.